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Big Bella Mining Bucket

Big Bella Mining Bucket


Our mining buckets have over a pound of random gemstones and crystals. All you need is a bucket of water and a colander or sifter. 


Each bucket comes with a card with fun an interactive phone apps that will help you identify your pieces. 


Comes with: 1 mining bucket

  • Instructions:

    Empty contents into a sifter or colender. You will need to wash away the sand by either dipping and shaking your sifter in a bucket of water OR by running water of your colender filled with your sand and gemstones. 


    DO NOT let your gemstones and crystals sit in water for extended period of time.

    Small pieces can be a chocking hazard, please ensure adult supervison if children are using.

    Suitable for children 5+ (and adults, let's be honest)

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