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The Black Femme Tarot Deck

The Black Femme Tarot Deck

$66.66 Regular Price
$53.33Sale Price

The Black Femme Tarot is an 82-card deck, with four additional cards added on to the classical tarot system of 78 cards.

The deck follows traditional Rider-Waite-Smith symbolism and structure, which makes it a great choice for tarot newbies to learn the ropes, while modern twists and detailed iconography ensures that even a pro will find something refreshing and new in this everyday-use deck.

The Black Femme Tarot’s cheerful, colorful art breathes life into the sometimes dreary depictions of traditional tarot and gives it a modern update. Each card showcases a bright, rich color palette with a modern yet eye-catching cartoon style, because it’s meant to be fun!

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